August News

4th September 2023

This week a lady and her 3 young children came into the Food Bank. Without going into too much detail she told me she’d had to flee to rescue her daughters from a horrific situation as they were in danger of severe harm. She’d had no choice but to leave everything, her home and a good job. She is now in the UK with nothing. But she was so grateful to be at Foodbank receiving the food we were able to give her.

She said: ‘The people here are good at sharing, this food will help me to feed my family.’

Please hear a massive thank you from this lady and her 3 gorgeous kids for all your support you give to Foodbank so we can help people and feed them in their darkest hour. We’ve also fed another 2155 people since July who are struggling to feed their families amidst the cost of living crisis.

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