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We have a team of 60 volunteers who each play a vital role in making the foodbank happen so we can feed 15000 hungry people each year. Do you want to join our life changing team?

Warehouse – Thurs (5.30 – 7.30)
We need help to weigh in food donations, sort it into date order and store it appropriately. Join this fun evening team.

Supermarket Collections 
We have an opportunity to collect food donations at Tesco, Valley Road. We are looking for lots of people who could volunteer to ask shoppers to donate some food to food bank in the entrance for a few hours.



Volunteer Stories


Kalvyn - Bradford Central Foodbank Volunteer

I came into Foodbank where I needed help with for a food parcel. Then I started volunteering. Foodbank has given me a sense of being able to help the community and that I am actually achieving something and that there is always something you can do to better yourself. They told me about Job Club too which has given me a lot more confidence.

I look at things in a more positive light and I feel a lot more positive. I have a self- belief that I can achieve something and I’m not moaning as much anymore. Everyone I know at Foodbank and Job Club I count as family.


Michelle Meaney

Michelle - Bradford Central Foodbank Volunteer

“I was waiting for my Universal Credit claim to be sorted. The advance payment helped a bit but the rent, council tax, electric were mounting up and I was getting into debt. Then when you get paid it feels like it all goes out straight away.”

“It was frightening when I first came to Foodbank – I thought it would be people arguing and stuff but it was the complete opposite to that.”

“I like volunteering at Foodbank and I want to give my time to someone that needs it. Coming here helps with my mental health – some of it is still raw but its healing now. I’ve stopped smoking, I’ve stopped drinking and I lost about a stone.”


Wendy Woolsey

Wendy - Bradford Central Foodbank Volunteer

“I wasn’t in a good place before. I suffer from a lot of mental health problems and anxiety. I hated people and I was pretty angry. Foodbank has helped me practically too when I had nowt at home so it’s helped me feed me and my son too.”

“Coming back to Foodbank has taught me how to love people again and how to forgive people. I really appreciate that and it feels such a relief.”

“Foodbank has given me a purpose and a lot of pleasure in helping people because I was a bit lost before.”

“Foodbank pays for my travel costs which is really appreciated as I live quite a way away. I’m on benefits so still struggle with food and living costs. The bus fares means that I can volunteer at Foodbank which is so good for my mental health.”

Wendy is the main chef in our cafe – where we are feeding over 100 people a week as well as giving them emergency food parcels.



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