Bradford Central Foodbank

We are a busy city centre Foodbank serving the needs of a very deprived community. Bradford is ranked the 5th most income deprived local authority in England with 29% of children living below the poverty line. Due to benefit changes, delays, debt, homelessness, domestic violence families are left without any money at all for weeks or months at a time, they can’t feed their families and can only turn to a Foodbank for help.

We work through a referral system with over 100 frontline agencies in Bradford who refer families so we know every family we help is desperate for food.

‘I was really struggling. I had been in a coma and was really poorly. I’d fallen out with my family and I’d not eaten for 3 days.’ Alison

Here at Bradford Central we help approx 50 families or 100 people a week! This means we give away approx 169 shopping bags of food a week the equivalent of £1375 a week. All of this food is donated by the generous people of Bradford. We have 45 amazing volunteers who give their time, many of whom have benefited from the Foodbank and want to give back.

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